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Meet Dr. Amanda Barlow 

A little bit about me...
I was born into a working class family from northern England. In my innocence as a young child, I desired to be a "good little girl" which meant denying my needs in efforts to please others. I believed that I was doing something wrong or was wrong for even existing and would apologize all of the time because I thought I was in people’s way. In order to meet the needs of others, I developed my intuitive capacities at a very early age. However, this led to taking care of others at my expense. 
After I had abandoned myself for years, I discovered that this did NOT serve me and I started to explore what I truly needed and wanted in my life. In that exploration, I discovered that some of my limitations were inherited, which meant it was located into my genetic material - my DNA. 
Interestingly enough, I knew when I was 12 years old that I needed to get a degree in Genetics. With my background in science and my awareness of the inherited beliefs I am equipped to release and transform the conditioning that my ancestors passed down to me and know I have the freedom to choose what I want to experience in life rather than be controlled by my past or my DNA.
My scientific work on the DNA level has had a very profound influence on my style of healing work, as my Acute Intuitive Perception works to the core of each cell of the body and molecule of the being. I am able to re-program the cellular memory to facilitate transformative healing changes of all levels of your life, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
My down to earth nature and open-heart bring life and light into everybody I meet.

My Qualifications 
My life experience is rooted in science, and has been expanded by intuitive awareness - creating a unique multi-dimensional opportunity for healing. 
I completed my Bachelors of Science in Genetics with honours from the University of Swansea, United Kingdom (UK). I continued my education at the University of Manchester (UK) to complete my doctoral degree in Neurobiology. While I had many intuitive experiences as a child, my formal energy healing training began in 2001 in London. I was attuned to Reiki in 2007, and later became a Reiki Master. In the midst of this training, my curiosity led me to the United States in 2008 to contribute to a non-profit scientific research institute. I continued to further my career in science, while simultaneously sharpening my capacities in energy work. I became a ThetaHealing Practitioner in 2017 and Instructor in 2019. I then was exposed to Access Consciousness and became an Access Consciousness BARS, practitioner and Facilitator in 2021. 
It is simple to reflect on my human experience in terms of achievements, however, it is in the daily conversations with strangers, unique whispers of intuition, and in knowing where I find a sense of accomplishment. I often found myself in circumstances where I was seated next to a person on a bus and they started telling me their life story and issues that were going on. I would meet people in the women’s restrooms crying and I would help them with current challenges. When I was in the US, my flight was delayed and I was diverted through Colorado. The couple sat next to me has just experienced a miscarriage and I worked with the woman to assist in  healing the trauma of the loss. I met a woman on a plane that sat next to me on the way from New York to London and we did some healing around her relationship with her father. There are many things like this that have happened over the years. All of these moments, known and unknown, have contributed to my desire to expand my awareness and witness healing with others. Which led me to the establishment of my healing practice, Freedom Coaching, in 2022. 

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Freedom Coaching Mission: 

My intention is to inspire you to overcome your challenges and create a life you truly love. 

- Dr. Amanda Barlow

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