"Amanda is a scientific healer . She has excellent intuition and can Hone into limiting beliefs that she skillfully removes and replaces with limitless thinking. She has a deep understanding of energy healing and knows how to work with DNA on both the energetic and physical level which makes her a unique healer. She has helped and positively changed many lives . Amanda creates techniques that can be used daily to effect long lasting changes in my life. Amanda is honest and open in her approach. "

- Suman, Pharmacist. London, UK 

"Amanda's guidance has been a significant part of my whole-being healing, intuition, and growth, so much so, I became certified in ThetaHealing for my own personal use.

I recommend her all the time!"

- Mary Anne, Author of Complete Healing 

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"I am profoundly grateful for Amanda's guidance and support in my life. She is an intuitive, compassionate, and insightful healer. She helped me navigate and heal the deep emotional waters of having tested positive with a BRCA mutation (a mutation that can predispose women to breast and ovarian cancer). She helped me uncover the core reasons and beliefs that had me in a fear based pattern around the mutation. She also helped me clear and resolve personal/family trauma from this life and past so that I could move forward with greater awareness and freedom while letting go of the need for the mutation. Her work has helped make choices from a place a love and understanding not fear. Thank you Amanda!!"

- Shannon, Acupuncturist. Wisconsin, USA 

My acupuncturist recommended Amanda to me in early 2021. I was exposed to energy healing as a young child, and continuously sought out a variety of healing modalities and psychotherapists throughout my adolescence. Previous practitioners would give me a diagnosis (anxiety, depression, PTSD) to justify what was “wrong” with me or what kept me feeling stuck, as if that was the answer to my challenges. 

My first session with Amanda was pivotal for my existence. She didn’t put my life experience in a box and give me a diagnosis. Instead, she helped me identify and release trauma, taught me about how trauma can be stored in our DNA and passed down from our ancestors, and allowed me to re-write my personal narrative. I have continued to work with Amanda on a monthly basis through personal sessions and attending her trainings, which has given me a plethora of usable tools, increased my intuitive capacities, and ultimately given me awareness that every choice I make increases my freedom of expression and contribution to the world. I am able to choose healing over my trauma, and live in a place of joy. 

I have immense gratitude and love for Amanda!

- Kitt, Wisconsin, USA 

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- Vianna Stibal, Founder of the ThetaHealing technique